TRIS is a technical research project that relates three materials, Porcelain Stoneware, Corian and Steel.

The request was to design an object and installation that would unite the three materials, making them usable by the public at the third edition of “The Instant of Change” project promoted by Quadro, Rexa and Caesar, hosted by Milanese showroom Mo.1950.

Finemateria for the third edition of the project links the concept of change with the desire to engage the viewer. Stealing an instant and creating a moment of interaction that can engrave a memory related to materials. This involvement makes the appointment something unique. 

The values of change and involvement find in the category of games the objects that express their meaning. It is the theme of play that narrates the third edition of “The Instant of Change.”

Within this category, Tic-tac-toe, a board game, was immediately interesting because of the connection it creates with the project, starting precisely with the three pawns to be aligned to win, three like the companies and materials involved in the project. 

Three game stations were created inside the showroom. Each station houses a Tic-tac-toe table designed and made in every component with the use of the three materials in question.