TRE CLASSI is an editing intervention carried out on nine historical benches that were recovered from a state of decay and became the new conference room seats within the DropCity project.

During the redevelopment of Magazzini Raccordati (Drop City), a series of historic wooden benches were found.
The project was born with the purpose of reusing these benches by giving them a contemporary and functional look in the Tunnel 60 project.
These benches have a long history: they were made in 1931 and restored in 1983 with the addition of wooden armrests between each seat. At that time, there were three different lounge areas in the station, directly related to the three train ticket classes. The benches we were asked to restore belonged the third class lounge area.

A feature of the benches is the double facing, this double bench function meant that the room was designed with a double point of view. People sitting beside and next to each other looking at themselves and simultaneously enjoying the view of the content projection.
A polyurethane foam skin connects both faces of the bench, creating union and canceling the historical distinction between classes and cultures.