VITA LENTA is an exhibition where individuality co-exists with collectivity, generating a cohesive entity into the public space. The installation is a sensory and inclusive exhibition hosting sixteen selected international designers, showcasing projects linked by the same design approach: a slow and well thought-through creative process.

People can abstract their visit and the way they perceive the projects around them, enjoying the leisurely nature of the exhibition without any time limits. An opportunity to laze about and feed one’s imagination. Vita Lenta creates an experience that connects thoughts and actions, instilling a unique memory.

The project consists of three types of structures: IMA, Japanese for “room to be in”; SHITEN, Japanese for “prospective” and CHANOMA, Japanese for “tea room”. 

The 16 projects share a creative process that attributes the right value to time, an international proposal of projects with a shared design approach, drawn from different socio-cultural backgrounds, is presented.
Selected designers: CARA\DAVIDE, Collin Velkoff, Hannah Segerkrantz, Héloïse Piraud, Johanna Seelemann, Juliette Berthonneau, Kodai Iwamoto, Lorenzo Mason, Multistandard, Plasticiet, Pretziada with Studiopepe, Ryota Akiyama, Sohma Furutate, Studio CHACHA, Tamako Yamada, Yosuke Matsushita.